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Vinyl repair patch

Vinyl Repair Patch      No.F2605                  

         for leakage repair of vinyl inflatable items


The self adhesive Vinyl ( PVC ) repair patch is made with the best quality of pressure sensitive adhesive to use for repairing vinyl, nylon, rubber, neoprene, PU, non-oiled leather and most plastics. Also repair pinholes and small puncture in big and small inflatable items.


Applicable in: Vinyl patch is to repair air leakage of vinyl inflatable products such as inflatable boats, air beds, swimming pool, beach balls, toys, tents, … and so on.


8a02ebc2a3b6a08b536a3f85eb897447.jpg   67aab85c4b0fcc3fbec2d63d62899bd0.jpg   c130cf4c63e784957ce13d38cb4d31c5.jpg

No. F26051                No. F26052                   No. F26053

Vinyl patch 7.5 x 7.5cm     Vinyl patch 5 x 7 cm         Vinyl patch 5 x 7 cm

10 pcs / pack in blister     10 pcs / pack in plastic box   10 pcs / pack in box w/blister


1. The 10 pcs of vinyl patch will be pack in a blister card or plastic box with label stick.

2. The blister card 24 pcs will be pack in a tray and have one color label in the front.

3. The tray 12 pcs will be pack in a master carton.

4. Easy and quick repair, with no need to apply any liquid adhesives.

5. Curing time: Ready to use in 20 – 30 minutes. Fully cure will be in 4 hours.

6. Operation temperature: 50 – 104°F( 10 - 40 ).

7. Meet testing standard U. S. ASTM F963-17.



Calhermit Enterprise Co., Ltd.

153 Hui Min Road, Nanzih, Kaohsiung 81153 Taiwan, R.O.C.      

Tel: +886-7-3611395 e-mail: fingotw@gmail.com www.fingo.com.tw

TPU Patch Kit

TPU Patch Kit
No. F2607

Heavy duty self adhesive TPU patch for tent and plastic repair which made with eco-friendly high elastic fabric and safe adhesive. Simply peel and patch to fix rips and tears in vinyl, nylon, leather, canvas and soft plastics.

Manufacturing: TPU adhesive patch is ideal for quick, easy and clean repair for many kinds of soft plastics. No messy liquid adhesive required; simply peel and patch to make fast repair. This TPU repair patch is highly elastic, watertight and durable.

Physical Properties
Appearance:Solid with semi-transparent color
Main Ingredients:Polyacrylate
Properties:Simply peel and patch! Provides easy and quick repair for rips and tears. Fast curing, watertight and durable.
Curing Time:Ready to use in 20 to 30 minutes; Fully cure in 4 hours
Reactivity:Stable under normal storage and handling conditions
Chemical Stability:Stable under normal temperatures and pressures

Store the product in a cool (32~120°F; 0~49ºC), dry and well-ventilated place. Keep container tightly closed. Keep away from food and drinks. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not allow material to be released to the environment without proper governmental permits.

Application Guidelines
Operating Temperature:50~104°F (10~40ºC)
1. Use repair patches only in well-ventilated area. General indoor ventilation may be adequate. Optimal temperature for application is 50~104°F (10~40ºC).
2. Clean the surface of tent to be repaired thoroughly and keep dry. It is recommended to wipe off the dust and oil with 50% rubbing alcohol solution.
3. Cut out a rounded or oval-shaped repair patch, with size at least three times larger than the tear area.
4. Peel off the backing paper of repair patch and stick the patch to the tent surface, fully covering the tear area. Press firmly for 1 to 3 minutes to force out any air bubbles.
5. It takes 20 to 30 minutes for adhesive to cure. Then you can use the tent again. It is recommended to keep the patched area away from water or moisture within the first 4 hours.

Water Circulating Pump ECP-25P

Model no. ECP-25
Energy - Saving & All – in - One



-        Brushless EC motor driven.

-        Integrated motor & controller, plug & play.

-        Digitalized user interface for quick set-up.

-        Built-in smart speed control with 7 adjustable curves.

-        A-class energy ranking, high energy performance.

-        Cast iron or stainless steel options for different user preference.

Conform to 2014/30/EU, 2014/35/EU, 2006/42/EU directives.

Technical Data:

Model Number

ECP25-40 H=4m

ECP2560  H=6m

System pressure

10 bar

10 bar

Maximum operating pressure

10 bar

10 bar

Port to port length

130 mm

180 mm

Pipe connection

G 1-1/2”

G 1-1/2”

Pump material

Cast iron

Stainless steel

Liquid temperature range

5 - 110

5 - 110

Operating temperature

0 - 40

0 - 40

Maximum flow

2,600 L/H

3,200 L/H

Minimum power input

4 W

4 W

Maximum power input

23 W

23 W

Operating voltage

220 – 240 VAC

220 – 240 VAC

Enclosure class

IP 42

IP 42

Insulation class



Energy label




Multi-purpose starter Boostor F1205

Item No. F1205


The FINGO multi-purpose booster battery is an excellent battery designed to rescue the vehicles which couldn’t start the motor due to battery low voltage mainly.


The booster battery integrated more applications into function together. For example: Digital voltage display, USB charger, extra DC output for camping lamp or others , warning flash light,and emergency light etc.


Also designed a solar panel recharge unit for outdoor sports convenience.



Input: AC 100 – 260 V, 50/60 Hz

( Also recommend solar panel )

Output: 2 x 12 V DC, 2 X 5 V DC ( USB )

Start current max. : 480 Amp.

Capacity: 18 Ah ( 12V ), 480 CCA (SAE)

Voltage display: 3-1/2 Digital

USB charge: DC 5V 1A / 2A

Warning flash light: LED Red colour

Emergent short-rang light: LED White colour

Operation temperature:  - 18 … +45
Dimension: 16.5 x 17.5 x 14.5 cm ( L x W x H )

Weight: 5.50 kgs