惠名企業有限公司 153 Hui min road, Nanzih 81153, Kaohsiung Taiwan $ 07-361-1395 Company ProfileCALHERMIT ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.We have been handling the Tyre maintenance field since 1983 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Also based in experience of mechanical and chemical field of tyre service. Stage by stage have become one of main suppliers of various tyre service products for tyre shop and factory as following: 1. Tyre repair patches.2. Tyre hardware tools3. Tyre service equipments.4. Tyre retreaded process5. Innovation products By keeping our principle of " Excellent quality, Competitive prices, Good service ", Also supply products after service and technical training of maintenance. We have enjoyed a very good reputations from all of our customers in the market. 本公司在1993年成立於台灣 高雄,專業輪胎機械及化工領域,逐步地經營輪胎售後服務領域,主要銷售輪胎維修設備,工具及材料,市場涵蓋輪胎維修中心及輪胎廠,並經由進口商擴銷到批發市場。經營項目包含:1. 輪胎補修材料2. 輪胎五金及修理工具3. 輪胎修護設備4. 翻新輪胎材料及工具5. 創新產品 我們秉持優良的產品品質,合理有競爭的價格,誠信的服務作為,提供產品售後服務,設備保養技術培訓,與各地的合作夥伴攜手合作,行銷國際市場。

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